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# Episode 42 - The Wellness Couch - Archetypes

August 8, 2019


Are you a Princess or Queen? Fancy yourself as a bit of a Rockstar or a Knight In Shining Armour? Enough solitude and personal development to think you're a Mystic? Attracted to certain types?

Archetypes were a concept introduced by Swiss Pyschiatrist, Dr Carl Jung who believed archetypes were models of people, behaviours or personalities. Archetypes, he suggested were inborn tendencies that play a role in influencing human behaviour.

Archetypes, recently resurged and made famous by Caroline Myss, suggests universally we all have 4 common Archetypes in common.

These are universal archetypes related to survival: the Child, Victim, Prostitute, and Saboteur. We all have these because they are vital to our growth and functioning as adults. The other eight are drawn from the vast storehouse of archetypes dating back to the dawn of human history. There are now well over 70 archetypes that you can tune into. What role or energy could you tap into to make your life better? They play valuable roles that relate to our work, our relationships with individuals and society, as well as to our spirituality, finances, values, and our highest potential.

Brett is a multi-award winning executive, business and personal transformative coach with over a decade of experience backed by an MBA and formal coaching qualifications. Brett is the host of The Leadership Sensei Radio Podcast where he interviews successful leaders across a variety of fields. Having coached over 2000 leaders, in groups and one on one, he holds vast knowledge of strategies and mindset patterns to be successful in any area of life. Brett will be discussing Archetypes on The Wellness Couch.

Archetypes are like keys to your own mystery, the lens where you understand what motivates you. Why are you attracted to that person and not to this one?

So here's a common scenario I hear about all the time:

You're on a date and you take the most confident archetypes you have with you - you may take the extrovert, the magical child, the healer, the warrior - but you won"t yet show them your gambler side, your addict side because you are yet to come to terms with the positive aspect of this archetype.

The other person thinks Oh this is the most magical person I have met, then they get married.....and then all the archetypes reveal themselves..12 of your archetypes meets 12 of theirs..
it could get awfully crowded in there if they aren't compatible.
Hence the terms, and how individuals speak now days
"it's getting crowded in here",
"i need more room or space, a breather from you".

Its a classic psychic response to the archetypal airwaves.
Welcome to becoming unconscious to conscious.
We are getting very good at relating to one another's energy fields, of recognising the content in one another's field.

Know yourself...
Archetypes explains it all.......