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The Rainbow Warriors - The Wellness Couch interview Greenpeace Holly DAwson, Grace Gardiner, Hannah West and Leni Neuman about Fight for the Bight

November 28, 2018

Greenpeace, Holly Dawson, Grace, Leni and Hannah

This incredible trio will rule the world one day. Grace Gardiner, Leni Neuman and Hannah West may only be in year 10, but their will to unite the community and create change is beyond their years. This awesome trio are responsible for Greenpeace being in Apollo Bay on the weekend and creating their project #fight for the bight, highlighting the plight of the possibility of oil drilling in the bight and its consequences.

The Great Australian Bight is one of the most pristine ocean environments left on Earth, supporting vibrant coastal communities, jobs and recreational activities.
The Bight sustains wild fisheries and aquaculture industries worth around $440 million per annum (2012–13) and regional tourism industries worth around $1.2 billion per annum.

Flanked by the Nullarbor and the longest continuous sea cliffs in the world, the Bight is a haven for whales, fish, birds, marine mammals, plants life and an array of invertebrate ecosystems.

The area has unique nutrient upwellings which provide critical habitat for countless species including some of the last remaining colonies of endangered Australian sea lions.

Scientists estimate around 85% of the species that live in the Great Australian Bight are found nowhere else on Earth.
What happens to the environment of the Bight affects the diversity of the marine world on a global scale.

Considering there are alternative sources of renewables, why would we even consider allowing a foreign oil company test for oil with the possibility of disasterous consequences for us all- without ANY revenue!!! Renewables is a win/win situation for all of us- those seeking profit and those wanting to maintain the pristine marine life and environment.

Listen in on a special interview tomorrow night, as The Wellness Couch do a special extra, speaking to Holly from Greenpeace and this dynamic trio Grace Gardiner, Leni Neumann, and Hannah West changing the world.