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The Wellness Couch, Episode 40 , Psychedelics, Martin Williams PHD, PRISM

July 25, 2019

PRISM'S mission is to investigate whether psychedelic compounds, while being powerful psychoactive agents that should be approached with enormous respect, are also potential medicines that may be employed to achieve significant positive outcomes in the treatment of a range of diseases for which conventional medicines provide limited relief.

Join us as we enter into an interesting discussion about the re-surgance of interest into psychedelics, sacred plant medicines, psilocybin and ethnogens. Martin speaks about the compelling scientific evidence behind these psychoactive plants which mimick transmitter molecules within us, transform the way we feel, think and even construct our belief systems.

You just have to look around us globally to realise we need a change in global consciousness - nature has provided the vehicles to change this platform, to help us with the shift into a sustainable world where we act out of love rather than hate, trust rather than suspicion. Where we want to make things grow, rather than dominate, control and destroy. Psychedelics can play a key role in this transformation. Scientific evidence shows ethnogens took our ancestors out of their sleep state and propelled forward to our awakened evolution more than 40,000 years ago.

Could ethnogens, psychedelics and sacred plant medicines be precisely what we need in these modern times? In this age of global communication, could this plant communication be our answer to help us gain insight how to navigate our turbulent ecological and social issues that we now face?

Graham Hancock states, "If we are to have a future as a species our consciousness needs to change." Can we bring forth ancient wisdom to align with our society the morality and consciousness that plant sacraments tend to evoke?  Find out what Martin Williams has to say about Psychedelics as we interview him in the Lab.