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The Wellness Couch - Longevity and Aging Well, Episode 34

May 23, 2019

The global anti-aging market will be worth nearly $200 billion in 2019. New beauty technologies make anti-aging products big business. But what about the possibility of anti-aging treatments for the health of our body, and not just the surface of our skin? Is there a way to fight not only wrinkles but also biological aging leading to disease and death?

Today we are learning more about the molecular pathways underlying aging and how the foods we eat can affect these pathways to slow down or speed up the clock. We do have an anti-aging secret, a formula that many populations around the world utilise to age healthily. One that can keep us young inside and out, and it’s the best-kept one to date.

Listen to us on The Welllness Couch as we chat about longevity, secret ingredients of living a longer and healthier life, telomeres, stem cells, DNA and blue zones - a peek into the lifestyles of the happiest and longest-lived people on earth.