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Episode #58 - The Wellness Couch chats to Australia’s famous Behavioural Neuroscientist about smart phone addiction and busy brain syndrome

February 20, 2020

Dr. Lucia Kelleher made a breakthrough brain discovery from her PhD, Busy Brain Syndrome in the early 2000’s. BB or loss of brain bandwidth is caused by our digital world severely compromising brain processing and is the leading cause of ‘human factor’ issues in organisations.

We need the digital world for our social and business enterprises - but has it harmed us in more ways than we could forsee? More connected than ever with our technology yet more disconnected in a myriad of ways than ever before. And just how does this technology change our neurotransmitters that are so important to our health and other dimensional awareness?

Are we addicted to our smart phones? Do you have flurries of fury over your teenager being "attached" to their devices constantly? If you think your're not addicted then think again. 
How many times do you have the urge to check your phone even for an instant? We'll be in discussion about technology and its affects on the human brain and health - the facts and the solutions to our overwhelm and brain disintegration on the show when we chat to Dr Lucia.