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Episode #63 - The Wellness Couch - Dawn of a Dingo Day with author Joseph Lasarow

July 2, 2020

We interview The Dingo Advocate and author of his recently released new book, Dawn of a Dingo Day.

Most Australians are unaware of the vital role the dingo plays within the Australian eco system, and this lack of knowledge has led to ecological chaos today. DAWN OF A DINGO DAY takes an in-depth look at this remarkable animal and exposes the truth of the matter, a reality which we cannot deny any longer if we want to restore ecological harmony, back into this land.

DAWN OF A DINGO DAY by Yosef Lasarow
“Prior to the colonisation by the British in 1788, Australia was rich in biodiversity with a vibrant and thriving environment and its heartbeat sound and strong. The dingo reigned over the animal kingdom, and the Aboriginal first nation population lived in harmony with the land, understanding and honouring the rhythms and natural laws that govern all Earth. It was a Garden of Eden in a sense, simple and honest and true. The richness of the Australian natural landscape (which we can still behold in a few remaining places), is a direct product of masterful management in its ideal form.
For the last two centuries, Australian governments and the livestock farming industry have targeted dingoes as the primary culprits of livestock predation and have gone to extreme lengths to safeguard the industry from them, hence the ongoing 1080 bating, shooting, trapping, and the infallible, five-thousand-kilometre dingo fence. Today, this relentless perseverance has led to ecological havoc as the system now spirals out of control and no one seems to know why?”

About the book
DAWN OF A DINGO DAY is a short but concise work, adorned with beautiful photography, and filled with thought provoking material that every Australian should know. It was conceived through the shocking realisation that the Australian society, bar First Nation Peoples and a minuscule handful of passionate individuals, are oblivious to the dingo ‘footprint’, and the vital role they play, and that its ongoing persecution is the primary cause of Australia’s current eco crisis.
It is with these concerns in mind that I have sketched a portrait of the dingo within the Australian landscape, demonstrating the dependence of the system on its presence, and highlighting, as a solution, that dingo protection is the golden key to the salvation of large sectors of the ecology. This work also addresses the current livestock predation issues and argues that mandated dingo protection will not only lead towards ecological stabilisation but will also result in a lessening of livestock predation the more stable the system becomes. Finally, and in some ways most importantly, it strives to stimulate (inter)national awareness, of yet another of Earth’s … hidden iconic gems!!!

About the Author
Yosef Lasarow was born in South Africa in 1962 and has dedicated his life to a passionate search for truth and the purpose of life. After moving to Australia Yosef has dedicated the last ten years developing his eco-wildlife park, the Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park, in Victoria. It was there that he discovered the masterful and essential ecomanagement skills of the dingo and the vital ecological role they play and have played for thousands of years on Australian soil.

Quote from Lyn Watson, Director of the Australian Dingo Foundation
“This short work by Yosef Lasarow, an experienced tender of the earth, who has resettled here from another plundered land and for a relatively short time appreciated Australia’s unique forms of beauty, should shake us to our very inner foundations, because he sees with experienced eyes and heart.
It is a book I wish I had written, but was always pressured by the immediate battle, put aside for when time was mine. After more than 30 years living closely with dingoes, I have comprehended the enormity of their nature given task. It will not be a laborious read. I truly commend it.”

DAWN OF A DINGO DAY: Available from
The Australian Dingo Foundation Store at just $10. 
Link: https://dingo-foundation.square.site/s/shop
Amazon as an e-book for $7.50

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