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The Wellness Couch Episode #55 - Lyn Watson, The Australian Dingo Foundation, Wandi the famous dingo pup, misconceptions, 1080 debate and relationship of dingo to biodiversity

December 12, 2019

Lynn From the Australian Dingo Foundation

The Australian Dingo Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to promote the conservation of the dingo (Canis dingo) as a species, and to help maintain biodiversity in Australian ecosystems. Among other activities, it provides support to the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary to preserve a captive pure dingo population for possible future re-introductions, facilitate non-invasive research and help educate the public about the species and its serious plight.

There has been such a resurgence of interest in our Australian dingoes of late especially since quite a few well known celebrities have an interest in dingoes and championing their support, such as Peter Hitchner from channel 9 news, the guy from The Bachelorette that loved his dogs - forgot his name along with the show, and many more suddenly popping out of the wood works loving our Australian pure bred native dingo.

But this little resilient pup that has won the heart of the nation,
Wandi (the purebred dingo pup that dropped from the air into a backyard garden turns out to be part of an endangered breed), is putting the Foundation on the map -

We'll talk to Lynn Watson, a huge advocate for Dingoes who is highly educated about scientific research and has decades of hands on experience having over 35 pair of dingoes at her foundation. And we'll have our own story to tell......

their misconceptions
1080 bait
Renewed interest in dingoes and relationship to biodiversity
and of course we'll see how Wandi the magic Dingo who fell from the skies is going.